Training area for e-mobiles

4 Ramps

2 X Limbo

40 Pylons in total

different Obstacles

Together with the park operator, the Berlin power socket has created a new practice area, which is structurally separated from the public area of the Tempelhofer Feld. Thus, our practice area is legally a private area and it is allowed to try out the innovative novelties there quite legally.

In Germany there is the following basic problem in the field of electric mobility:

If electric vehicles are legal (Segway) and may be used in public spaces, they require at least a moped license plate and the driver must be at least 14 years old.

If electric vehicles drive faster than 6 km/h and have neither a license plate nor a road permit, then the use in public spaces is completely prohibited (hoverboard, electric unicycles, electric skateboards and most scooters).

With our practice area we offer our visitors the possibility to move and try out all vehicles legally.

Steckdose Berlin

You will find us on the Tempelhof Field near the Tempelhofer Damm entrance.

This is located opposite the crossing Hoeppnerstraße.

Entrance to the park (Tempelhofer Feld) opposite S&U train station Tempelhof, in the park then 200 meters simply straight ahead until you see our green/white Segway container standing in the middle of the old runway.

Parking spaces along Tempelhofer Damm or in the surrounding area (Hoeppnerstraße, Manfred-von-Richthofen-Straße).

Infohotline: +49 152 07 02 88 38
open daily 11-18 h*

Please call us or use the following form if you need further information. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

*dependent on the season