Segway tour in Berlin

THE Segway tour in Berlin

Experience with us the most unique Segway tour in Berlin! Instead of plunging head over heels into the flowing traffic of a metropolis with an unfamiliar vehicle, you will first learn with us the safe handling of the Segway under professional guidance. A professional guide with years of experience will teach you everything you need to know for a safe, relaxed and interesting tour on the Segway!

Then it's off on an exciting discovery tour with the Segway over the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin - with information that you won't find anywhere else.

First training, then Segway tour in Berlin

As we said, it is very important to us that all participants can take part in the Segway tour with a good and safe feeling. That's why the tour also starts with a 30-minute training session where you get to know (and love) the Segway! Climbing up and down, starting, braking, making turns, driving around or over obstacles - you will have learned all of this before you go on the Segway tour in Berlin Tempelhof.

Dive into history with the Segway tour in Berlin

After all participants have familiarized themselves with the device, we start together on a 90-minute Segway tour. In addition to a lot of driving fun, you will learn interesting background information about Tempelhof Field and its history. We will take you very close to relics of historic times and thus offer you a Segway tour in Berlin that you will not find a second time! Since we move on private property and the Tempelhof field with the huge asphalt runways offers infinite space, the fun of just driving is not neglected!

  • Segway Tour for families and couples (from 2 up to 8 Participants)
  • No more driver's license required!
  • from 14 years
    • Families with younger children we discuss individually
      (other speed & driving on private property)
  • Duration 2 h
  • Price 50€ p.P.
  • bookable daily from 12-14 o'clock

If you want a different time, check the following box and write the time in the field that appears.

Steckdose Berlin

You will find us on the Tempelhof Field near the Tempelhofer Damm entrance.

This is located opposite the crossing Hoeppnerstraße.

Entrance to the park (Tempelhofer Feld) opposite S&U train station Tempelhof, in the park then 200 meters simply straight ahead until you see our green/white Segway container standing in the middle of the old runway.

Parking spaces along Tempelhofer Damm or in the surrounding area (Hoeppnerstraße, Manfred-von-Richthofen-Straße).

Infohotline: +49 152 07 02 88 38
open daily 11-18 h*

Please call us or use the following form if you need further information. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

*dependent on the season